Where Can I Find a Vending Machine Supplier?

Cold Drink Vending Machine from a Vending Machine Supplier

Vending Machine Supplier

 Why Do I need to find a Vending Machine Supplier ?

To have the best Vending Machine Business you will need to find the Best Vending Machine Supplier to suit your individual needs.  There are large vending machine companies and large vending machine manufacturers out there, however, you may choose a vending machine supplier with experience in your local area, as well as someone who can help you with upkeep and vending machine products suppliers.  In any case, your local vending machine supplier should be able to access the top vending machine manufacturers as well as the best vending equipment suppliers, and save you time!


Any vending machine supplier should be able to point you in the right direction to buy a vending machine. If you are looking to start a vending machine business, you will likely want to obtain your machines through a vending machine supplier, however, there are used vending machines available almost everywhere. A quick check on eBay or in your newspaper’s classified section will quickly show just how many used machines are available in your area. This method of sourcing you vending machine can be much cheaper than buying new, and you may even find an entire vending machine business for sale. Several factors should be considered prior to your purchase.

  • First, are there contracts associated with the purchase? If possible, you’ll want to avoid being locked into any contracts so that you can be sure your product line can change products based on market changes and the need to keep up with the latest trends.
  • What are the maintenance requirements and how much effort is required to look after your machine?
  • If you must sign a contract, make sure you examine your options with multiple companies and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and business needs.
  • Ask plenty of questions such as when and how maintenance will be handled if something breaks and if you would incur any penalties for changing products or locations.


How do I find a good location for a Vending Machine?

There are actually services that exist in almost every area that will help you find the best location for your machine, so that you can make the most of your vending machine business opportunity. Some find, however, that this isn’t needed. The internet provides a wealth of resources, including some companies who claim to match vending machine requests with owners of the machines.


If you are familiar with your area, you may find that you can at least begin by calling or visiting business owners and facilities managers. Tip: Some people make the mistake of speaking with the general manager only. The manager may agree to accept your services even though it hasn’t been approved by their proper departments. Be sure you speak with facility managers or business owners to be safe. You may have the perfect place in mind already, such as a doctors’ office that doesn’t serve coffee but has long wait times. You may know of a local community college who doesn’t have a snack machine in several of its buildings. Both of these are prime locations for vending machines, and there is usually no need to hire a professional for your location services. If you are in an unfamiliar market, however, it may be worth the extra money to hire a location expert.


What Types of Vending Machines are the most popular?

The most popular vending machine supplies continue to be candy, although recent trends have shown healthier options are quickly rising as a favorite. Some areas may have success with fresh produce vending, although this particular machine is tricky to maintain due to the short shelf life of the product. Depending on the location of your machine, you may find that the recently popular cold vending will be successful in your area. If paired with a microwave station and a coffee machine, you could provide an affordable convenience to those who may not have time for a full lunch. Nurses, college students, office employees and others with hectic schedules are likely to take advantage of cold food vending. Keep in mind, however, that this set up requires regular maintenance, sometimes daily. If you are looking for a mostly hands-off approach a bit more comfortable for beginners, candy and snacks are still great sellers and have long shelf lives, you just need to  find easy Vending Machine Candy Refills. The traditional pairing of a cold drink machine next to a simple snack machine, perhaps with a few healthy choices included as well, is usually a safe bet.


Most venturing into a new vending machine business opportunity may be shocked to find that most of the items they need to stock traditional vending machines are not only available at vending machine vendors, but are also available at most bulk retailers, such as Sam’s Club or Costco. Be sure the items you stock do not have any disclosures about individual sales being prohibited.

Never forget the good old faithful – money.  A coin vending machine supplier can give you advice on where to get a coin machine, where is the best location, and supplies come from the bank!

Vending Machine Supplier

Overall, there are an abundance of options for where to buy your vending machines, how to find your locations and how to stock your machines at an affordable cost. While purchasing used machines is a great way to save on start-up costs, a vending machine supplier may be the best route to go if you are new to the business and need more guidance along the way.


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