Vending Machines Get Healthy

Vending machines get healthy food to satisfy customer demand


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about vending machines? The answer is quite simple since we were taught to assume sugary snacks, soft drinks, sodas, chips, energy drinks, chocolate, and more similar products with vending machines and vice versa. Still, the times are changing and as people become more aware of the type of food they eat, vending machines also have to be reformed, and increasingly there are more options for  vending machine healthy choices.


Vending machines business owners are getting the idea as consumers demand vending machines get healthy food


For example, in Europe and other continents vending machines are re-purposed to offer healthy snacks and actual food instead of sugar and empty calories. There are vending machines that even respect a certain lifestyle like veganism, or gluten-free diets. To make the passing from the classical vending machine, always associated with fattening foods, producers try to not only provide for the “healthy snacks vending machine tag”, but increasingly call their new machines “self-service cafes” or simply leaving them at the state of unnamed machines that dispense healthy food.

Vending Machines get healthy

Look at this – Vending Machines get healthy!


Groups that support a healthier lifestyle pushed the government officials to implement these healthy vending machines in crowded places like hospitals or local councils. The measure was adopted last July and it was included in the national anti-obesity program and it came as a response to a national survey. According to this, more than 87% of questioned people were happy to pay more for healthy food in vending machines.


This increase in population awareness towards the type of food they ingest is expected to create about $35 billion in sales from the healthy foods segment in US only. If the rhythm remains ascending, there won’t be long until healthy vending machines will be introduced in train stations, subway stations, offices, gyms, university campuses, and wherever the old machines used to be popular.

What can we actually find in a healthy vending machine?

It may be difficult to imagine now but you’ll find full meals and snacks that are going to be prepared in collaboration with a nutritionist. Each morning, machines will be restocked and last day’s food will be given to charity or animal shelters, according to its state.

Here is a small list of vending machines healthy options:

  • gluten-free granola bars
  • raw carrot cake
  • salads (to cover one meal)
  • boiled eggs
  • falafel
  • organic yoghurt
  • banana bread
  • green smoothie
  • chicken

I can’t wait until vending machines get healthy!


The main idea with these new healthy food machines is to prove that producers and owners care for their peers’ health and they are prepared to invest time, money and care in your food. It is also a lesson to be taught to people who are not yet considering the devastating effects a bad diet has on their life and health state.  I can’t wait until vending machines get healthy!

If someone decides to buy a salad or a delicious meal from one of these machines and likes it, he/she will feel good while eating such a nutritional and delicious lunch at a fair price. Maybe this will attract that person towards a healthier diet, improving his/her life and changing an important aspect about their health – the best of healthy you vending!

Old school vending machines will always exist, but, with time, the new generation of vending machines will occupy their place in a new, more food conscious world, as more and more vending machines get healthy food. Protection Status



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