Different Types of Vending Machines

Vending Machines Can Dispense Video MoviesTypes of Vending Machines

Vending machines are everywhere. Local vending companies provide immense amounts of convenience to employees, students, patients in waiting rooms, visitors to hospitals, mall shoppers, schools and virtually any business with a hallway! So, what are some recent trends with these handy mini-shops? How about a vending machine for 3-d printing? Read below for more information on this trend, and how it may work for you.

What types of machines are out there?

Cold Food – Some find these the most convenient, as people who are looking for a quick meal in a busy place may sometimes have to settle for chips. With cold food vending, however, they can actually purchase meals. This is especially handy for those on the go. These machines often contain sandwiches, salads and even meals. These machines may be a simple glass front, or they may rotate for the customer, allowing them to turn the machine before making a decision. These machines are, of course, refrigerated, and some have frozen portions as well, allowing vendors to sell both frozen and refrigerated food. To some, this is a healthy vending machine compared to those full of candy and sodas.

Coffee Vending Machine – From whole bean to ground coffee, these machines dispense coffee to busy customers. After all, who has time to wait in line at the coffee house during a work break? These machines often make tea, hot chocolate (cocoa) or other hot drinks. Though they carry a high demand and fairly loyal customer base, they do require more maintenance and cleanup than a typical vending machine does.

Snacks – Paired perfectly with cold drink and cold food vending, snack food machines can often produce quite a bit of revenue. Usually these machines are stocked with potato chips, pastries, candy, crackers and other quick grab and go snacks.

Cold Drinks (Soda Vending Machines) – These machines line the outsides of grocery stores, corporate hallways, doctors’ offices and virtually every other place imaginable. The machines dispense cold drinks, most often sodas, in either drink or can form. There are many types of this machine, ranging from the old fashioned soda bottle front and the can dropping straight from the dispenser, to glass front machines that are similar to cold food machines, and can dispense a variety of items, as well as drinks.

Milk Vending Machine – Somewhat rare, there are machines that dispense milk in cartons or bottles. These are more common in areas with children, such as pediatric facilities and primary school vending machines.

Change Machine – This could really increase profits for vending machines nearby. Although this machine, itself, does not make any revenue, it provides a convenience for those who wish to purchase an item from one of your machines but doesn’t have any change. This prevents the person who only has a $10 bill from going to the convenience store, instead of using your vending machine.

There are machines for almost anything. You’re likely to find a toy vending machine and gumball machine sure to delight children of busy parents. There are also very convenient DVD machines for those cozy nights in when you’d rather not visit the video store. There are also ATM Machines for those who need quick cash on the go. Whatever the need, you’re likely to find a vending machine that can get the product to you without waiting in a long line or visiting a store.

A Gumball Machine is popular with children

The most popular are soda machines. On a hot day, these machines are tough to overlook on your way into the store or on your way to the car from the doctor’s office. The most profitable machines, understandably, are those that dispense cold bottled water. Again, hard to resist on a hot day, or almost any day, these machines have about an $0.83 profit margin per bottle of water.

Latest Trends in Vending Machines

“Because of our busy lifestyles, trends in vending machines are beginning to reflect better eating options.”

Would you believe, some refrigerated machines are able to dispense fruit, unsweetened tea and even milk. Healthy selections are one of the hottest new trends, and there are even some “Farmer’s Fridge” machines.  As the technology improves we are beginning to see combination vending machines which offer a range of products.

Long ago, these machines were somewhat archaic. The dispensers were unreliable and it was very common to see a frustrated customer rocking an entire machine in an effort to get his candy bar. Now, however, there are new advancements for high-tech machines, which function more smoothly, look more appealing and provide more options for vending. Today, one isn’t limited to simply buying a soda. One can now purchase a pizza or an entire meal, along with a child’s toy to keep them occupied during lunch. There are now 3-d printing machines, where customers can insert an SD card with a model, and the machine will dispense a finished product. There are machines specifically for Starbucks products which custom steam the milk for each drink made with freshly ground coffee. With 280 drink combos, it’s not terribly different from visiting your local coffee shop! Pizza machines now can prepare dough and layer it with sauce and cheese for the perfect pizza in under three minutes. Connected to the internet, this machine lets owners know what it needs before their arrival. There are also machines that dispense books, wine and even pharmaceuticals. When it comes to vending machines, the possibilities truly are endless.


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