Snack Food Machine

 We all love a Snack Food Machine!

When people think of entering the vending machine business, they usually think of a snack food machine. Day after day, week after week, we see people in the workplace returning to the vending machine time after time. How much money are these machines making? Some are highly profitable, while others are somewhat “duds” creating more burdens than cash flow. Understanding your market and making good product and placement choices can help ensure that yours is one of the profitable ones!


How to Start a Vending Machine Business

Don’t you just love Vending Machine Snack Foods!


A Snack food machine is often filled with potato chips, pastries, candy, crackers, chocolates and even lollies. Once you establish your placement options, you can identify your market. Your market will determine the products you should choose for your snack food machine. Put simply, you want to make sure your products at least sell prior to their expiration, which means you need to spend less time attending to your vending machine business. Of course, you ideally want to make sure that the products sell as quickly as possible so there is no concern over expiration. It’s inevitable, however, that while you experiment with your market, some products will simply take longer to sell, but may still be profitable and well worth stocking.


What is a good location for a Snack Food Machine?


A Snack food machine will usually do quite well in office settings, especially when paired with a drink vending machine (hey – even if it’s a water cooler). A snack food machine will also do well in a hospital or areas in other businesses where people generally wait for a long time. College campuses are prime locations for snack food vending machines as well, as rushed students may choose to settle for a quick snack for breakfast. Things like crackers are often a lunch substitute for busy health care workers. Overall, they are perfectly placed in rushed environments where people have little time to stop for full meals, and these customers will love to find your vending machine.

Do you want to know a secret to making money from a Snack Food Machine?


Another way to ensure you are selling the most product possible is to provide customers the option to pay with a debit or credit card. Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of needing a quick snack but not having any change. Imagine how much revenue could increase by tapping into that area of the customer base! Today, it is rare for people to have cash on hand unless they plan ahead to spend it. It’s also bothersome for men to carry change because it often weighs down their pockets. Not only will those who don’t carry cash be added to your market, but those who prefer not to have change as well. Adding the option to swipe a credit card to your snack food machine options is almost always worth the investment.


The Verdict

Overall, a snack food machine can come in a variety of designs and can be fairly successful with the proper marketing techniques. Some are refrigerated and offer a combination of snacks and drinks. These types of vending machines are able to offer more healthy options like sandwiches, soups and even salads. Refrigerated machines typically require more vending experience, as stocking can be tricky with products whose shelf lives are limited, especially for healthy snack machine foods. The regular snack food vending machine, however, allows for more flexibility for a beginner and as you learn your market, offering products with longer shelf lives which means less work for you! Protection Status



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