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The Ever Popular Soda Machine


If you’re looking for a versatile vending machine that’s sure to be popular among most demographics, a soda machine is likely to fit your needs. Many beginners in the vending industry start with cold drink vending machines, as almost everyone loves a cool bottled water, and the generous expiration dates make inventory much easier for beginners.  Don’t overlook this important tip – popular demand items with a long shelf life – less work to stock the machine, but income keeps rolling in!


It’s rare to find a snack machine without a soft drink machine right next to it, and virtually every major retailer and most public institutions have vending services with some different types of vending machines.  Your customer base should be important in determining what type of drinks you stock, and even what type of machine you choose. For example, those in health care settings may prefer healthier options such as juice and water, while those in shopping malls may prefer soft drinks. Some soda machines are restricted to one vending size, such as a 12 ounce can, but others can accommodate a mixture of both cans and bottles. One should be sure to consider that people in most commuter settings will likely prefer bottled products. For example, a college student can easily place a cold bottled water in his or her backpack, but may not be able to carry a canned drink around campus. Machines that offer both types allow you take advantage of both the affordability of small canned drinks and the portability of bottled drinks.

 The Latest Trend for a Soda Machine

A growing trend for a soda machine and snack vending alike is the option to swipe a credit card for payment. With modern technology offering more and more ways for us to leave our cash at home, it’s not unusual for some stores to be able to take payment with just a smart phone. Because you don’t want to isolate the part of your market that may not use cash, credit and debit options are especially worth considering for vending areas with high numbers of office employees or students. Cold drink vending machines are very popular in health care settings such as hospitals, and those visiting loved ones may be more inclined to purchase a cold drink if they can use their debit or credit card.


Why Should you choose a Soda Machine

There are many varieties of soda machines available for cold drink vending. Some have clear faces that allow customers to see the product, others display the logo of the products sold, and some have generic faces that allow a variety of brands to be represented. Some machines have a drop mechanism for dispensing, while others have robotic arms and lifts that carry the product down to the dispensing area. Keep in mind that more complex machines often come with more complex maintenance, so be sure to ask questions about warranties and service plans before purchasing.

Cold Drink Vending Machine

Refreshing on a hot day


You may find it quite simple to find and buy old soda machines for sale, vintage soda machines, or find a Coke Machine in a good location, or whatever takes your fancy.  You may prefer to find a supplier of new technology – the choice is yours!  Overall, investing in a soda machine or some other type of cold drink vending machine is a great way to get started in the vending machine business with little overhead and experience.



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