A Plan for Healthy Vending Machines for Kids


For a long time now, the health of our kids (and the younger generations in general) has been the subject of much research and social commentary with regard to the health impacts of fast foods and modern eating habits. Latest studies are going further to suggest that healthy vending machines in schools, hospitals and leisure facilities should contain healthier food and drink options, in accordance with the latest guidelines on preventing obesity in children and young people.


The NICE Institute recommends Healthy Vending Machines for Kids


THE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (known as NICE) has recommended guidelines for the best practice in tackling obesity and overweight problems in the younger generation. The background for these new guidelines is the huge increase in the number of youngsters suffering from type 2 diabetes – a condition that was until recently found almost entirely in adults.

The National Institute found that more than one in five children under five years of age were already overweight or obese, a number which increases to more than one in three among children reach 10 years of age.


Healthy Vending Machines for kids

Is that a healthy option?

The NICE institute also found that the effect of being overweight as a youngster may also result in the child experiencing self-esteem and quality of life problems, which could be expected to worsen the outlook later in life. An added complication was the increased negativity which could lead to depression in later years.

New Guidelines for Healthy Vending Machines for Kids

The NICE Institute has provided these new guidelines including that healthy vending machines in localities and venues such as schools, hospitals, clinics and leisure centers should offer healthier alternatives to the snacks, chips and sweet drinks that are usually available, while the same locations should also display the nutritional content of meals they offer. So this has ongoing implications for the providers of those healthy vending machines, as well as the requirement to generally make healthier options easily available to people who are using them.


healthy Vending machines for kids

Now that’s a better choice for healthy eating!


Not all about Healthy Vending Machines – its about Kids Health


Of course the obligations are not all centered on the food providers, as further guidelines also include enrolling youngsters on lifestyle management programs and recommendation that their parents or carers introduce them to activities could become a regular and fun part of their daily routine.


Family members are also encouraged to eat healthily and to be physically active themselves, regardless of their own weight – now that is the best kind of advice!  It is a perfectly reasonable extension of the guidelines to suggest that Healthy Vending Machines at work would also be a good idea for adults!  In fact I can see a day when fresh healthy vending and Fresh Foods Vending Machines become the accepted norm for society, and that’s what we all prefer to select.

The deputy chief executive of NICE, said: “Families and carers have an important role in supporting children and young people who are overweight or obese, which these guidelines recognize”. “Lifestyle and weight management programs can support parents and carers to identify changes that can be made at home to tackle obesity and be maintained over the life of the child. These changes include healthy eating and getting the whole family to lead a more active lifestyle.”

“Tackling obesity in children and young people also benefits their future health”.


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