Milk Vending Machines

Milk Vending Machines provide Healthy Snack Options


In today’s health conscious society, many people are turning to useful conveniences like milk vending machines instead of looking for traditional sweets and treats and settling for unhealthy options like sodas and chocolate bars.


If you’re looking to enter the vending machine market, it’s best to stay ahead of trends, though the health trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Today’s vending machines have a variety of cold drinks, but healthier options are slowly being added even to those that once carried only sodas and chocolate bars.

School Vending Machines are a great option

School vending machines are focusing on healthier options, and milk is among the most frequently purchased items from vending machines at primary schools. In fact, most vending machines at pediatric facilities are finally beginning to reflect society’s changing preferences.

While it’s obvious that adults also drink milk, it’s important to remember that vending machines are only successful when placed at the right location for target customers. So if you can find the right location and the right target customers, then you may find success coming more easily than following the crowd.


Milk Vending Machines have a target Customer

This means milk vending machines are likely to be more successful in areas where children learn, play or use services such as pediatrics. Science and development centers, primary schools and doctors’ offices are all prime examples of great locations for milk vending machines, and healthy food options in general.  So if your target audience is young people and children, you have to think about what is attractive to children, but also what foods their parents expect them to choose, because it is the parents who provide the money for the vending machine!

So it is always important to keep in mind, that your target customers and those who consume the product are not always the same. In this instance, parents, primarily mothers, are the target customer (outside of school vending) even though the child is consuming the product. This means that the product needs to be catered to the child’s liking, as well as meeting the mother’s nutritional requests and convenience.


Who is the Paying Customer?

As is often recommended for vending machines, credit card payment options are a must have option for almost any vending machine product today. People rarely carry cash, and while school children are likely the exception, many will likely prefer to have an option to pay with a credit card.  So if it is possible to provide dual payment options around school children, that may also provide a key to future success.


School vending machinesNew Zealand using milk vending machines to sell milk

When the consumer and purchaser are both your target customers, it’s important to consider machine features based on its location. For example, milk vending machines at primary schools will most certainly need to be prepared to handle heavy volumes of change and not very many bills or credit card transactions. This may mean checking in on your machine a bit more frequently to ensure it can provide appropriate change, not become too full, and have stocked products that have a long shelf life, and have a high turnover rate such that they do not expire before sale.  This might require the use of refrigerated milk vending machines, which will keep the product fresh, maintain a steady rate of sales, and be a popular choice amongst children.


Milk vending machines can bring you success!

While these may seem like easy sells, they require a bit more work that one may think. Overall, if monitored properly and marketed to the correct populations and establishments, milk vending machines can be a great way to contribute to the health of growing youth while diversifying your investments. Protection Status



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