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New Zealand using vending machines to sell milk

New Zealand using vending machines to sell milk


Fresh Milk Vending Machine


Do you ever yearn for a cool glass of milk with that traditional flavor, creamy consistency, and fresh as only a local dairy can produce? You know – just like in the good ol’ days?  Well in some places, the tradition is being revived with the use of modern technology.

Dairy company Village Milk in Golden Bay, on New Zealand’s South Island, are selling up to 300-litres of raw milk a day from their on-farm Fresh Milk Vending Machine.


“The Fresh Milk Vending Machine is like a big fridge.  Inside it each day you wheel out yesterday’s milk and you wheel in today’s milk so no milk that is ever sold on the farm is older than 24 hours.”

Quote:  Owner Village Milk


“The milk is prepared for drinking without processing and it’s incredibly clean and it’s incredibly high quality and it’s extensively tested. The farm is totally geared for direct milk sales, so under our rules we’re allowed to do that but people have to come to the farm to buy it,” said the owner of Village Milk. Dairy farmers in New Zealand are allowed to sell raw milk under a 50 year-old law allowing customers who live in remote areas to buy milk from their local farmer.

However old the laws may be, modern technology is helping to bring the farmer and the consumer together in a very simple way – using a fresh milk vending machine.  Once the milk enters the vending machine, it has 24 hours to be sold before it is replaced with a new batch the next day.  The farmer can now use technology to set up an automatic milk dispensing machine to sell the product.

“It’s like a big fridge said Village Milk. Inside it each day you wheel out yesterday’s milk and you wheel in today’s milk so no milk that is ever sold on the farm is older than 24 hours. Buying fresh milk from the farm was safe, if the regulations were followed, and the milk was kept fresh, and maintained at the correct temperature.

So here is the benefit of the vending machine technology – the machine does all the work for you. The temperature is strictly controlled, and the product is maintained and stored under perfect conditions, and the customer gets the benefit of the automatic milk dispenser. Better still, we all know that money can present a high risk of cross contamination, so with a vending machine, the money is never in contact with the hand of the person serving the product, so there is no risk of contamination of the product.


Why use a fresh milk vending machine?


The farmer can safely and easily deliver his product to the point of sale, and the happy customer always knows when and where to pick up the goods, and can access the “supermarket” whenever is most convenient. This arrangement works best to suit everyone. When the farmer is out milking the cows, the vending machine is still delivering product. If the milking is taking place at the crack of dawn, as is the normal operating procedure at the dairy, then you don’t have to get out of bed in the early hours to get the fresh product. We all love the convenience of a milk vending machine! Protection Status



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