The Best Locations For Vending Machines

The Swimsuit Vending Machine Poolside at The Standard Hotel in Miami - one of the best locations for vending machines

Best Locations for Vending Machines

How to find the Best Locations for Vending Machines

So how do you find the best locations for vending machines?  This is a question based on the type of vending machines and products you may choose to provide. Candy bars are not likely to sell very well inside a gym or fitness center, and hot coffee may not sell next to a swimming pool.  Choosing the best locations for vending machines, however, could mean placing easy choice foods near doctors offices and health centers for people on the move, or putting healthy choice vending machines in schools and wellness centers for more discerning users.  Finding good locations for Vending Machines involves some level of strategic planning and research.  For example, snack machines may provide better sales outside department stores, retail offices or other places where healthier options aren’t available, and where purchases are made in the midst of busy peoples schedules.

So where are the Best Locations for Vending Machines?

Hot drink machines tend to do better in busy office locations. Most people in office environments love a morning cup of coffee, and why not add an afternoon brew!  Adding tea and other hot drink options like hot chocolate are likely to add to the customer’s variety – and to your profits. These also pair well with cold vending for food items, especially in hospitals or colleges where busy people tend to eat meals on the go.

School vending machines are always popular with a variety of foods. You’ll likely notice that with an added benefit of a credit card reader, college students can increase your profits between classes when they are short on cash. This market is particularly diverse, so a mix of healthy foods, in addition to traditional candy bars and chips, is sure to find your customers coming back for more.

Cold drink machines are usually best located where people need a cool drink during a hot day. For example, parks, outside department stores, inside malls or near swimming pools are all great locations for cold drinks. These locations have the potential to sell a tidy amount of snacks as well, so you can look to multiply your profits when you nail the best places to put vending machines.

What Types of Vending Machines are the most popular?

The popularity of a vending machine depends on many factors. Healthier alternatives are the latest and best trends in vending machines, and customers appreciate the latest technology allowing them to use debit or credit cards at vending machines when they are short on cash. If great products are placed at unsuitable locations, however, you likely won’t see the profits you expect. Think carefully about your potential customers when you choose good locations for Vending Machines. Would those customers be more likely to enjoy a candy bar or a hot cup of coffee? Satisfying and catering to your customer base will help deliver the best vending machine.

 What are the Most Popular and Best Locations for Vending Machines?

Vending machines for the office can provide a steady income for a vending machine business. After all, the customers are guaranteed to front up almost every day, and many will develop favourite items that they will return to buy again and again. In an office environment, you can often network with the local manager to meet the on-site requirements, so you’re sure to stock exactly what your customers want. Some may simply leave an office post-it note on the machine with a simple request for their favourite item you may be missing. If monitored closely, you can quickly determine what your customers prefer based on your inventory levels. So choosing an office environment can be one of best locations for vending machines and allows you to provide a catered product selection since you have the same individuals returning day after day.

How do I find the best locations for Vending Machines?

Though some people hire vending machine locators to find the best locations for vending machines, this is often unnecessary. Some simply begin by calling local businesses to see if they have an interest in a vending machine in their building. If this is the method you choose, be sure to ask to speak to the person in charge of making such decisions. This is often a business owner or facilities manager, not the general manager. In terms of specific locations, you will need to make sure that the machine’s location will be near an electrical outlet. Nothing is more embarrassing than arriving at a business with a vending machine, only to find that there is no real location for your machine. It’s very helpful to have a business plan in place (such as what guarantees you will provide) before approaching any locations. Have professional business cards printed, so that when you arrive, you have plenty of information to leave with the decision maker regarding your services.

Where can I get a Vending Machine From?

There are many companies online that sell new vending machines, and you should always do your due diligence into the Best Buy Vending Machine Locations, as well as the Best Places for Vending Machines.  Don’t forget to choose the most suitable and best selling types of stocking items that can be purchased from a number of places such as Sam’s Club or other bulk retailers.  If you want more options for the Best Vending Machine, there are also a number of used vending machines for sale everywhere from eBay to your local newspaper classified section. You’ll want to ask several questions before purchasing such as:

  • Are there any contracts associated with this purchase?
  • Are there any warranties on the machines?
  • Who will repair them, and when, should they become broken?

So as a simple guide for where to put vending machines, and the best locations for vending machines are locations where you can get consistent business, while keeping maintenance manageable for your business plan and lifestyle.


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