How to Start a Vending Machine Business

How to Start a Vending Machine Business

How to Start a Vending Machine Business

How to Start a Vending Machine Business

Now that you’ve read about all of the many new vending machines available today, you may be wondering how to start a vending machine business. There is more to it just checking out vending machines for sale!  First, you should decide which vending machines best fit your business needs and lifestyle. Some require more maintenance than others, and some are well paired with each other for maximizing profits.  When you are ready to start a vending machine business, it’s best to begin with one or two machines and work to pinpoint the best locations and products before expanding. Vending placement is the key to your business success.  For example, you may notice a cigarette vending machine doesn’t sell much outside of a doctor’s office, but healthy snacks very well may excel. You can change your product or location to maximize your profits, and then begin expanding into some of the vast vending machine business opportunities.

What are the latest types of Vending Machines?

So here is the exciting news for anyone who wants to start a vending machine business.  Some of the latest types of vending machines are actually dispensing healthy foods!  Gone are the days when buying from a vending machine meant your only choices were junk food. Now you can purchase salads, fresh burritos, organic vegetables and other goods that were once limited to only select grocery stores. From a managing perspective, however, one should realize that the fresher the food is, the more maintenance the machine likely requires.

For example, salad dispensing machines may need to be maintained daily to be sure the produce is fresh and stocked. There is also a risk of losing product if it doesn’t sell quickly enough. The benefits, however, of a well-placed machine can be worth the maintenance. Consider the choices some may make if you placed a produce vending machine near an existing old “junk-food dispenser” outside of a local gym. People will likely begin to make healthier choices at the gym, and you may find that those daily trips are well worth the many apples you sell outside the gym.

What Types of Vending Machines are the easiest to manage?

The types of vending machines easiest to manage are those that contain products with a high shelf life, with high stocking capacity. Machines with features that alert you when inventory is low can make almost any machine among the easiest to manage. If you are looking to manage with minimal trips to the machine, however, you’ll still want to consider shelf life and stocking capacity as your top criteria for easy management. This makes toys and other non-food products very appealing, but keep in mind that easy management doesn’t always equal easy money. Though a coffee vending machine in a hospital may require daily maintenance, it’s likely to sell more volume that a toy vending machine would. It very well may be worth the staff, or time, to invest in something that fits your lifestyle, but can also provide more profits than traditional machines.

What Types of Vending Machines are the most popular?

Depending on where you place your vending machine and the area of the world you are servicing, you may find differences among the types of vending machines that are the most popular. In the UK, for example, coffee and hot drink machines are big sellers, especially in office environments. A drink or soda machine will always tend to sell high quantities, and don’t forget to add bottled water. Snacks are always a favorite, such as candy bars, potato chips and pastries. Part of your vending machine business plan should include providing variety to your customers, however, and recent trends have shown that some customers prefer healthier snacks.

Recent trends also show that a vending machine franchise can be quite successful if the products are coordinated together with their location. For example, you could place a warm drink machine near a cold vending machine and be able to provide customers with warm meals (provided there is a nearby microwave) and drinks to go.

Further Tips on How to Start a Vending Machine Business

If you are excited about how to start a vending machine business, you may be wondering “Is a vending machine business profitable?” The answer is, YES!  If managed correctly, you can actually make a good profit. It’s key to remember to start small so you can get a solid feel for your customer base and the best placement options for your machines. Before you start a vending machine business, take a look at the vending markets around you to see what’s in demand and where there are under served markets. You may find used vending machines for sale or try to search for ‘vending for sale’.  This option is an excellent way to start a vending machine company because it reduces your start up costs, or you may find entire vending machine businesses for sale. If you need further tips on how to start a vending machine business, be sure to view our other posts about the types of vending machines that may best serve your market.


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