How to Make Money from a Vending Machine Business


How to start a vending machine business

How to start a vending machine business

How to Make Money from a Vending Machine Business


If you are interested in starting a vending machine business, then let me show you how you can make the most of a simple soda vending machine or a chocolate snack vending machine and turn this into a money making business.

Yes, you can turn a vending machine business into a money making dream to earn you enough passive income for yourself to retire early, or make money while you are sleeping.

With a vending machine business, you can be free to spend the extra money however you want, or to set up a retirement fund, or simple enjoy extra spending money for yourself or your family.

A Vending Machine business is a great way to make passive income!

Yes – that’s right, passive income, because when your vending machine is working, you don’t have to be working!

Well you do have to put in some work time to restock the vending machines, but aside from that time, you set up the machine and it does all the work for you!

The good news is that you actually get paid whenever you go and restock one of your vending machines.  That means you are actually motivated to go and restock the machines, it is never a problem to go around your machines if you have several – no problem, you just get paid more!  Operating a vending machine business is way better than working a boss – you are the boss!

You can even get a pay raise every time you place a new machine at a new location and start making money more money.


The Vending Machine Business is a booming industry

it is easy to get started and anyone can make money.


If you are sick and tired of your job, or need some extra cash, then this may be the perfect opportunity.  If you are looking for a booming opportunity to get into a new business, or try something different, then running a couple of vending machines can give you a kick start into a whole new career!


Yes – that is what a vending machine business can do for you.


How does a Vending Machine Business work?


I won’t bore you with long winded business talk about profits and loss statements, or how you need an accountant to check over the books, or look out for market indicators of some doom and gloom.  None of that is necessary.

It All Comes Down To Simple Math!  Once you realise how simple the formula is, you will wonder why we didn’t hear about it before!

Probably because vending machine business owners are busy getting more machines!

So, if I can sell one can of soda per hour.  That sounds quite reasonable.  Then during a day, that could add up to a whole case each day.  So how much profit would I get per case – say $10 give or take.  That means I could stand to earn say $50 per week, if we knock a bit down here and there, we’ll make this conservative, and still have enough to make a healthy profit!


So if I get $50 per week, and do that every week, that adds up to $2,500 per year.  Okay, not enough to live off just yet, but it is pretty easy cash, right?  What if I can run 10 machines at the same time – that is looking a bit more healthy at $25,000 per year!


Still not enough to live off though.  Here is the secret to success with a vending machine business.  What if I could add another 10 machines to the first bunch?  Not possible you say?  Oh yes it is!  The best way to do this is to put say a snack vending machine right next to each of your soda vending machines (don’t reveal this tip to just anybody!) and now you can double up on that profit.


Now we are up to $50, 000 per year!   Starting to get interesting!

If you find a good location for a soda machine, you are almost guaranteed to make a sale from the snack machine which is right beside it!

When you really think about it, you really only need to put in about 20 minutes of actual time to restock each vending machine and spend a little time buying new product.  But if you share the location, then you cut down on travel time in between each location.

The Vending Machine Business can work very well for you!



How would you like to have a business where your vending machines are working for you while you sleep?

This is the best part of operating a vending machine business – it offers a fantastic opportunity for Passive Income!

You don’t have to have any previous business or sales experience, because you don’t actually have to do any sales – the vending machines do all the work for you, and even handle the money, and hand out the change.

You don’t need a shop, you don’t need to hire staff, and you don’t even have to meet the customers.

This is a serious Opportunity!  There is money to be made in the vending machine business and the numbers that I showed you earlier was just a taste of what you can make in the vending business.   You can even buy a Vending Machine Business and start collecting the profit right away!  There are vending business opportunities all around us, you just need to look!


Every location is different when it comes to how much money that you can make.

Some locations can make $100 per week but this is not limited to a fixed amount.

When you find that perfect location, you can even make up to $500 per week.  And the best part is, this is profit in your pocket, and for the same amount of work that you need to put in!


Time to ask yourself some serious questions about a Vending Machine Business:


  • Are you looking for a business that you can operate part time?
  • Do you want to earn extra cash to pay the bills?
  • Would you like to work for yourself instead of a boss?
  • Do you want to add a little more retirement income?
  • Do you want to start up a new business that doesn’t cost a fortune?
  • Do you want to start up a business t\hat starts earning straight away?


If you answered Yes to any of these questions then we can show you a way to start a Vending Machine Business that is just right for you!

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