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Hot chip vending machines to be rolled out across AustraliaBreaking News:

Hot chip vending machines to be rolled out across Australia


A Perth-based company says it is behind Australia’s first commercial roll-out of hot chip vending machines.  Yes this is a Potato Chip vending machine that cooks its own chips and delivers them steaming hot and fresh while you wait!  Yes that has to be one of the best food vending machines ever!

The Hot Chips Company has spent more than five years developing their hot chip vending machines in a joint venture with local potato growers, and hope to be the sole supplier to all vending machines, nationally.

The partners to the joint venture hope to see not only vending machines placed at venues all round the country, but also that the joint venture partnership would see potato production and total sales volume increase within five years. So this seems to be a great opportunity for vending machine operators, as well as potato farmers. Oh and don’t forget – this is fantastic news for consumers who can access a hot snack whenever they desire.

“If this takes off, I think it will be a big boost to local business, and it will be a huge volume of potatoes that are coming out of this area,” said the Managing Director. The company has been working to create a chip product to suit the machines, and four prototypes of the machine are currently being tested.

The exciting part is you put your money in and it goes from a frozen potato into to the fryer and into your cup within two minutes and 20 seconds.

“The manufacturer is aiming to reduce the cooking time of

Hot Chip Vending Machines to at least two minutes in the near future.”


Hot Chips Company Managing Director said the company had been working on design and development of the machines for the past five years, with four of the vending machines already being trialled, and the company was in the final stages of its research and development program.

“It’s a very sophisticated computer essentially, with robotic technology delivering a cup of hot chips, cooked in approximately two minutes to the user.”

While the Australian vending machine is the first of its type, it is understood other machines dispense chips in countries like Belgium and Dubai, and other places around the world.

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