Healthy Vending Machine On The Rise

If you’re the kind of person who travels a lot, and train stations and airports are your most frequented landscape, you know how difficult it is to keep a healthy diet. Let’s consider the following scenario: you eat a healthy breakfast, low on calories and rich on fibers and proteins and you actually feel good about yourself. Sadly, lunch finds you in a train station, running around for tickets or looking for a place to rest your bones, but hopefully a healthy snacks vending machine nearby. We all know that hunger can strike pretty hard and, in order to tame your stomach, you go looking for a healthy vending machine nearby. This is the exact moment when your healthy lifestyle is destroyed as most vending machines sell snacks, chocolate bars, chips, sodas, and other energy boosters packed with tons of empty calories.

Do you want a Healthy Vending Machine?

Vending machines all over the world seem to have gathered against our healthy lifestyle and they tempt our hunger with unhealthy snacks. The only exception you can find in Japan, where you can find a healthy vending machine offering ready fresh sushi (Yum!) and Italy, where you can find pizza vending machines.

The need for healthy food for travelers has led to a new type of vending machine that offers healthy snacks through specially built vending machines. From now on, healthy conscious travelers who don’t want to tame their hunger with sugary filled snacks or oily chips have the possibility to choose a salad or sushi. Of course the offer is varied and you can combine salad and meat, select vegetarian or vegan menus, there are even vending machines equipped with raw deserts.

You don’t have to worry about product freshness as every machine is restocked every 24h. All products are packed the same day and each meal is extra fresh so you should try it with confidence.

There is a need for Healthy Vending Machine!

The consumer is changing and the care for one’s personal health is increasing from one day to another. This transformation forced the vending machine industry to adapt, fact that led to healthy snacks already available in countries like Australia, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Even more, vending machines are a cheaper alternative to offer products as owners can avoid store costs which can be pretty high.

Yes – a Healthy Vending Machine is a Hit!


Besides being successful in crowded subway and train stations, these vending machines are a real hit in university campuses, where students get to enjoy healthy meals directly from a healthy vending machine.

The industry is in full development and, in a few years, classic vending machines, loaded with sugar and chips might be completely out of business, in favor of more healthy you vending options.  If you are interested in starting up your own business, I highly recommend you search for the best healthy vending machine franchises. Protection Status


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