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Choose Healthy Food Options from a Health Food Vending Machine


Far too many of us have gone for a workout routine and then look for a vending machine, only to be disappointed there is nothing resembling a health food vending machine or any other healthy options. Nothing is quite as disappointing as the letdown that ensues as one is forced to chug a high calorie soda right after burning off about the same number of calories. Water is often the first to sell out of vending machines around areas like gyms, and healthy snacks can sell out quickly, too. Sometimes, this forces customers into consuming products they do not want because there are no healthy options. Consumption of sugar after exercise can actually cause an athlete to suffer an abnormally high and intense sugar rush, followed by an equally intense let down when the metabolism tries to deal with the sugar overdose. All quite normal, but not very necessary! So if you ever feel that let down, now you can understand the value of seeking healthy options from a vending machine.


Don’t get that let down feeling – Choose a Health Food Vending Machine


A health food vending machine is often a big hit in places like gyms, recreational centers, nutrition centers and even hospitals. Would you like a range of healthy vending machines at work?  As we begin to realize what exactly is in our diets, we begin to seek better options and healthy snacks like fresh fruit or salads. Now more than ever, people seem to think twice before they purchase a pack of cookies. Today’s snack foods can be loaded with unnatural preservatives, coloring and other artificial ingredients. As many have said, some people today are consuming more “food-like products” than real food.


vegetable vending machineAs people become more aware of healthy eating options, a

health food vending machine is a more attractive option.


As most of us become more aware of these health concerns, however, we are seeking easy meals for on-the-go that are healthier than a bag of chips.  The average health food vending machine is certainly starting to see more traffic than years prior. Cold vending machines have virtually endless possibilities for vending salads, fresh fruit and even healthier drinks like bottled smoothies or water. Due to their stocking requirements, these machines are typically best serviced by someone a bit experienced in the industry. Because most of the products that are healthy and fresh have a limited shelf-life, one needs to be particularly careful when choosing what to stock. After all, a product that doesn’t sell becomes a direct loss as it expires. Meanwhile, other items could be selling very quickly, leaving you with empty spaces and disappointed customers.


Some vending machine models have made this task a bit easier, however. Because some models can monitor inventory remotely, one now has the capability to keep a closer watch on inventory without frequent visits to restock the machine. Keep in mind that while this technology can be exceptionally helpful, it is no substitute for the time one needs to spend becoming familiar with the vending machine market, customers and location.

For example, easy meals such as “tv dinner” type dishes will likely not sell in an area without microwave access. When one contemplates where to place a health food vending machine, he or she should consider the activity going on around the machine. Is it a college where students are frequently traveling, hands full, and short on time? If so, consider things that are ready to eat such as dried fruit snacks, fresh fruit cups or rice cakes. Is the location a hospital, where health workers frequently might be looking for healthy options vending machines for something to take back to the employee break room? If so, consider products that could substitute a meal for a busy employee who has no time for lunch. Salads, gluten free meals or healthy soups are likely to be good choices, and it just goes to prove that with a little imagination, it is not hard to provide Healthy Snacks for Vending Machines.

Overall, vending machines are all unique in their stocking needs and market appeal. Adding the option to pay with a debit or credit card can increase revenue to almost any machine, and predicting your market is half the battle!  Healthy choice vending machines are likely to continue becoming more popular, as we all become more health conscious, and this may be an excellent opportunity to grow and become one of the successful Healthy Food Vending Machine Companies in the future. Protection Status



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