Coca-Cola – Vending Machine Robot (Red)

The Coca-Cola Vending Robot – take yours home!

Well, we brought you the news of the Coca Cola Vending Robot in a previous article here on  Maybe that was meant to be a little in jest, but now maybe it turns out to be for real.


Look what we found for sale on Amazon – a real life Coca Cola robot!


Where can I get my own Coca-Cola Vending Robot?


It turns out the CocA-Cola Vending Machine robot was such a hit on the streets of Japan and North America, such that an entrepreneurial organization has produced a model robot that you can take home for yourself! This little beauty is a replica model of the real life Vending machine robot, and with movable arms and legs – looks just like a real one!


Actually can be used as a money box to save up for your next trip to a coin operated Vending Machine – now that’s an added bonus!


So now you can buy one for your kids, as an added novelty as a vending robot, and also as an incentive for your kids to save their pocket money. That seems like an ideal way to encourage your children to star their savings plan.


Click Here if you would like to buy one of these novel Coca-Cola vending robots for you or your kids! Protection Status



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