Candy Machine


A Gumball Machine is popular with children Look at this old fashioned Candy Machine!


If you’re looking for a very inexpensive way to enter the vending machine business, a candy machine may be a great way to start. Because they range in all shapes and sizes, can be placed almost anywhere and are very affordable, a candy machine is great for those who don’t want to have high start-up costs. In fact, some machines, like gumball machines, don’t even use electricity so there are no installation worries. It really can be as easy as purchasing and stocking the machine, and waiting for the income.


“Candy Machines for Kids work like a treat”


A candy machine will  thrive in child friendly areas like shopping malls, where kids can stop for chocolate snacks, lollies or anything you can get from a candy dispenser.  Pediatrician offices, toy stores, parks and fun centers are all great locations for these vending machines.  A tip to keep in mind for machine placement, however, is that outdoor areas exposed to extreme temperatures will certainly need a temperature controlled machine. The last thing a new business owner wants is to have an entire stock of inventory ruined because direct sunlight caused all of the gumballs to form one giant block of gum!  That’s not how a bubble gum machine is supposed to work!  The manual “coin and turn” machines are still ideal for indoors, or in areas with very moderate climates.


A candy machine is also easy to place

Unlike most food vending machines, they don’t necessarily have to be paired with a drink machine to see a positive return on investment. It’s easy to grab lollies without a drink, while a bag of chips likely won’t sell without a drink nearby. Someone who can’t find a drink is even pretty likely to stop for gum as a temporary fix!


If you’re hoping to diversify a bit more, larger, electric vending machines can dispense packages of candy as opposed to the single pieces dispensed in the “coin and turn” machines. Chocolate candy bars are great sellers, as are bags of chocolate candy, packages of gum and even fruit candies. Keep in mind these machines need to be installed next to an electrical outlet, so placement is a little more limited. You’re likely to see larger cash flows with the more expensive items, as gumball style machines typically produce steady but small income streams. Larger machines have a bit more overhead due to increased inventory costs and machine costs, so although the risk is a bit higher, the income has the potential to be higher as well.


A candy machine is relatively easy to maintain

The shelf life of most candy is fairly long, as a chocolate bar is usually fresh for about six months. Because of the product’s long shelf life, you’ll have more time to experiment with what sells and how quickly with less risk of product waste. If you’re thinking of entering the vending machine business but a little hesitant due to overhead cost, consider one of the many types of candy machines available, and experiment until you find what works for you! Protection Status



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