Bottled Water vending Machine


Have you ever faced the disappointment of approaching a soft drink machine only to find the bottled water is sold out?

You know those hot summer days by the pool, it seems the bottled water vending machine is always the one with the longest line. Even at the shopping center – it seems like hundreds of people are lined up at just two to three cold drink machines, before finally hearing the refreshing sound of the robotic arm retrieving an ice cold water for you.

Everyone Loves the Bottled Water Vending Machine


It seems the hotter the day, the more people gravitate away from sodas and toward healthier options, particularly water!  Are we seeing an opportunity here?


Don’t forget you can mix other Cold Drinks with your Bottled Water Vending Machine


A bottled water vending machine will be popular virtually everywhere, even in cold weather.  A snack machine, after all, is incomplete without its refreshing counterpart. These cold drink vending machines are perfect for beginners in the vending industry, in part because of how easy they are to stock.  The product’s shelf life is among the longest for consumables in a vending machine, meaning you never have to calculate how much you will sell by a particular time. This allows you to experiment a little if you are hoping to add variety, and take the time to find what your market is seeking the most.  It isn’t unusual at all, however, to have a dedicated bottled water vending machine placed next to a cold drink vending machine for added variety.  You just need to find what works best for you!


Particularly in the summer, some bottled water vending machines will sell as much as one can logically stock. Vendors return day after day to restock empty machines. Though each location is different, parks and other areas where people get exercise in hot temperatures are prime locations for cold water vending machines. Though cold beverages in general will likely sell in these settings, bottled water is usually the first to sell out. As society as a whole begins to make more health conscience decisions, this trend will likely continue.  I am sure that if you ask any bottled Spring Water suppliers, they are very excited about the business opportunities.  And while you are talking to them – ask if they have any bottled water machines for sale?


Because athletes and gym lovers often focus on healthy hydration during work-outs, soft drink machines are less than ideal for these settings. Another prime location for bottled water machines with healthy choices, machines in fitness centers can easily be dedicated to bottled water. Parks, outdoor markets, gyms and sporting arenas are all great choices for water vending. Because you can now add the option to purchase with a debit or credit card, it’s easy to expand your market to those who don’t carry cash with them as well.

 Bottled Water Vending Machine – a good choice all round!

Overall, a cold water vending machine is a great way to tap into a market that one otherwise wouldn’t see with variety drink vending. It’s the easiest inventory in the market to maintain, and with the right location and market, one can see a positive return on investment. Water machines will be a great relief to customers who tire of drinking soft drinks, simply because more people are making healthy choices, and will actually prefer a refreshing drink of cold water from YOUR VENDING MACHINE. Protection Status


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