What are the Best Vending Machines?


Choosing the very best vending machines is the key to a successful vending machine business. It takes a careful strategy for your vending machines to work for you, but with some planning and research, you can find the best vending machines to suit your business plan.

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There are many types of vending machines to choose from

What are the Most Popular and Best Vending Machines?

The best vending machines are chosen by careful planning and solid business plans. Though we frequently mention that healthy snacks are becoming the latest trend in the vending machine business, we’ve also stressed that without a good location and understanding of your customer base, even the best machines can produce less profit than expected.


Office environments and campus locations continue to be prime locations, particularly if you are willing to install a vending machine that accepts credit and debit cards. These machines can steal business from the local convenience store simply because they offer similar services without the hassle and long lines. Other modern machines that are becoming popular include those that monitor inventory for the owner, so you can prepare for stocking in one trip. However, with all of this in mind, it’s still best to look at your overall business to weigh the costs and benefits for new, popular services.


What Types of Vending Machines are the most profitable?

This is perhaps the trickiest question of all. The profit of your vending machine business will depend on the machines you choose, your location, the products you stock, the services you provide and your customer base, so here are the big questions (and hopefully we have provided the big answers – this is the GOLD);

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  • how to find the best vending machine company?
  • what are the best vending machine choices?


The first step should be choosing a location. After all, you’ll want to scope out the customer base for that location so you can carefully choose the services and products you’ll provide. Office environments are usually the most profitable because of the dedicated customer base of office employees who are generally at the office five days a week. In this environment, you’re likely to have more customer loyalty since most employees don’t leave the office just for a drink or snack. Hot drink machines (that dispense coffee and tea) are hot sellers at the office. To maximize your profits, however, it may be best to ask the facility manager to have employees list some of their favorite vending items for you to stock. The customers will appreciate the dedication, and you’ll see higher profits.


To keep your business profitable, you’ll need to closely monitor inventory and the shelf life of products. You may notice some items aren’t selling before their expiration dates while others sell more quickly. This will allow you to adjust your inventory and maintenance schedule to maximize your time and profits. When deciding on the best vending machines for your business, be sure to factor in things like the amount of maintenance a machine may need. For example, a coffee machine may need daily maintenance to keep the machine clean and the products fresh.


What are the latest Trends in Vending Machines?

The latest trends have shown us that almost anything can be purchased from a vending machine. While some can create a freshly baked pizza in under three minutes, others have a full Starbucks menu. The most advanced technology, however, appears to be in 3D printing. 3D printing vending machines can upload plans from an SD card and create a custom three dimensional object based on your plans. At this rate, it may not be long before you can buy an actual vending machine from a vending machine!


What are the latest fads and Best Vending Machines?

The best vending machines may not necessarily just be the latest type or the latest fad. However, if you are aspiring to provide something unique in a trendy neighborhood, the latest fads may work well for you. Japanese vending machines are among the world’s coolest vending machines, often containing bold choices for customers such as Buddhist jewellery, entire bouquets of flowers and umbrellas (how genius)! Japanese vending machines also sell everything from hot meals to clothing, which helps make them the popular vending machines.


Recent trends still show candy as one of the Top 10 Vending Machines, but there is an increased demand for healthier choices – healthy you vending!  Depending on where you choose to place your vending machine, you may find one or the other, or a combination of both, is best for profits. The best vending machines, however, are those that cater best to their customers, and provide all the right options for today, and keep them coming back tomorrow.



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