9 Weirdest Types of Vending Machines

Look at these 9 Weirdest Types of Vending Machines!


Here is a treat for your research and entertainment – we thought you might like some of these!

1.  Coca Cola Robot

Look at this one!

Look at this one!

Source: Coca Cola


What the??? – Vending Machines used to be little ol’ Gumball Machines in the corner store, or those big cold drink machines along the shopping mall.

Not any more!

Coca Cola has always used different types of coke machines, but has now invented these giant robot vending machines that can walk themselves around to find the customers!  Wow – what a marketing concept that is for the future. Now you really can deliver your products directly to the customer!

With the latest technology available, your imagination is the only limit to the ways you can promote your next business idea. If you are interested in using vending machines as a source of passive income, there are many interesting and different types of vending machines to choose from. Even if you think the idea of robot vending machine is too extreme, you have to admit it is a walking advertisement for the supplier, and a source of amazement for the customer.


2.  Vegetable Vending Machine

vegetable vending machine

Source: CScoutJapan.com


Well, if you thought Vending Machines were all about Gumballs, Candy and Soda Machines – think again! This unique machine dispenses a variety of freshly supplied vegetables which are kept stocked daily to ensure the customer always gets the best and freshest produce. Your search for health eating options just got a whole lot easier, and your selection of fresh food just got a whole lot broader!

“Because of our busy lifestyles, different types of vending machines are beginning to reflect better eating options.”

This is certainly the truth in busy locations and areas with lots of traffic that offer the best exposure for potential customers. These same customers also tend to be the types of people with the busiest lifestyles – the perfect match! Often the secret to a successful Vending Machine business is to match the different types of vending machines to the most suitable, often high traffic locations, to find the customers who come back again and again.


3.  Fresh Eggs

fresh eggs

Source: Farmers Kiosk


While we are on the theme of Farmers Produce, how about a dozen fresh eggs? And when you buy from this Vending Machine, you know you are getting the freshest produce direct from the farmer. Good for you, and good for the farmer, vending machines are bringing the products directly to the market.


 4.  Umbrella Vending Machine


umbrella vending machine

Source: Umbrella kiosk


How about Non Food Vending Machines?  Yes you can even buy umbrellas from vending machines – and it makes perfect sense to us. When you are on the run and nature intervenes with a small shower, or tropical downpour, that’s usually when you remember that you forgot to pack an umbrella! Oh never mind, accidents can’t be helped, but simple problems can be overcome at the nearest umbrella kiosk. Show your resourcefulness in front of friends, grab a brolly and venture into the storm!


5.  Beer – now that’s one of the weirdest types of Vending Machines


beer vending machine


Invited to a party? Acquaintances stopping by for a social get together? A special friend drops in for a quiet time at home?

In case you get caught short, you can always rely on the local beer or liquor dispenser to make sure you social occasion goes off with a bang!

And because the latest trends in vending machines include refrigeration, you can be sure that the emergency beer supply will be cold and refreshing! What more can you ask for?


6.  Neck Ties


necktie vending machine


Too much party the after night before visiting the Beer dispenser? Wake up late for work the next day? Too much of a hurry – Have you forgotten something?

If you are a bit dusty, head all over the place, never mind, you can select from a range of ties to complete your outfit, and look your best for the new day. No fuss, just select the one that suits your requirement and you are good to go!  We think this would be a really good option for office supply vending, and would be ideal in a location near large office blocks.

Ouch – that red one is a little too colorful for me today!


7.  Hot Food


hot food

Ah – feeling hungry?


A yummy snack is always a welcome thought. How about a tasty hot snack – even better!

Chose from all your favorites, but it doesn’t have to be restricted to the same old choices.

Replenished daily, these hot snacks save you time to buy and cook the food, and you can pick it up any time, regardless of your busy schedule.

You never know, if you have a popular location for vending machines, with many different types of vending machines, you will probably have an even wider range to choose from, enough for a different selection every day of the week.  Spoilt for choice!


8.  Car Not For Sale


car not for sale

Source: CScoutJapan.com


This one definitely qualifies fro one of the weirdest vending machines ideas we have come across! Yes there is a car in that vending machine!

But it is not what it first seems.

No you actually can’t buy a car from a vending machine – at least not yet! This has to be the most innovative idea for a vending machine, because it naturally draws a lot of interest from passers by. It actually dispenses brochures and advertising for environmentally safe battery operated vehicles. If you are interested in buying one, this is the way to find out where and how to get one!

 So not only is this one of the most interesting machine that we have found amongst all of the different types of vending machines, it is also educating people on how to choose environmentally friendly vehicles, and that has got to be a good thing for the future of the planet!


 9. Catch Your Own Lobster




Uh Oh – maybe not for everyone, but we just had to show you this one!

Catch your own lobster!

We all know that seafood is best when it is served fresh, but is this going too far? We will let you be the judge, but as for weirdest things from a vending machine, this one is waaaaay out there.

Not only can you choose the best seafood restaurant, before you sit down to eat, you can choose your own dinner. The only complication is that you have to catch it first. This machine lets the customer control the robot arm, lower it into the tank, and chase a scaly critter before presumably delivering the chosen beast to an epicurean feast.


We wish you luck with your fishing expedition, and hope you don’t go hungry!



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