7 strangest things to get from a Vending Machine

 Have you ever been amazed at the different types of Vending Machines


Wow – we live in an era of on-line shopping, searching for bargains, and letting our fingers do the walking, talking and shopping! And the stuff just arrives at the door – what could be easier than that?


But what do you do when next-day delivery is not fast enough? When all the shops are closed but you desperately need that special gift? Where can you find a late night snack when you get a bad case of the munchies? What if you get sick and need something to cure the misery? And how can you solve a problem that can only be solved with a bouquet of flowers that has to be delivered right now?


For a surprising number of last minute problems – the answer is increasingly Vending Machines. In case you haven’t been watching, there are all different types of Vending Machines, and you can buy all types of different products and some of the strangest things!


Apparently most vending machines still supply the traditional products such as gumballs and cold drinks, but as technology improves and the latest innovations are applied to the different types of vending machines, we are seeing new and unique products become available.  No longer is there a limit to the types of vending machines, especially the range of non food vending machines.  As the industry becomes more accepting of the increased product range, you can expect to see a massive boost in the business opportunities for vending machines and types of vending machine business.

There is no limit to the different types of Vending Machines out there


From bouquets of flowers, bars of gold cupcakes, and food products, here are some of the 7 strangest things we have found to be supplied from vending machines.


1.  Fresh Cut Flower Arrangements

Flowers from a Vending Machine

Flowers from a Vending Machine

Source Ref: 24 Hour Flower


Whether you need to make an impact, or make good a mistake, saying it with flowers is always sure to get your message across. However, in your time of need, when that special compliment should be delivered for maximum benefit, and the local florist is closed, and your favorite internet provider requires 24 hours delivery – a vending machine providing access to 24-Hour Flowers will save the day! Yes – a vending machine with an assortment of fresh flowers! Choose a bunch to suit your requirements and you are good to go, no fuss, no hold ups – ensures you and your message arrive on time every time!


These automated vending machines are stocked with freshly supplied flower arrangements around the clock, and are provided for your convenience at popular locations such as shopping malls, hospitals and other greeting places. Good for customers and suppliers, these vending machines allow local florists to market their produce directly to the market, who doesn’t love the smell of local fresh cut flowers?


 2.  Gold Bars from a Vending Machine

Gold from a Vending machine

Gold from a Vending machine

Source: Gold to Go ATM

What is this all about? We are here to show you all different types of vending machines but this one took us all by surprise!


A gold rush used to be all about mobs of excited prospectors heading out west to seek their fortune and hoping to strike it rich. Well I guess you don’t need a pick and shovel, no more panning for gold in the river, no more slaving over the sluice box! You can now strike it rich in any location where you can find a vending machine. Granted you won’t find a ‘Gold to Go ATM’ just anywhere, but who knows this could be the latest trend in investment or currency trading, or even retirement planning. We all know that we should plan for the future, maybe a good idea is to turn your hard earned assets into the security of gold to protect yourself from the next economic downturn?


‘Gold to Go ATMs’ can be found in five star hotels from Dubai and in many European cities, and dispense a valuable product which represents a global currency which holds its value wherever you go. Gold vending machines are constantly updated with the latest market value, and you always know that gold bullion speaks the global language of money!


3.   Beach Supplies


Vending Machines can be found at the Beach

Vending Machines can be found at the Beach

Source: Sandbox Beach Shop.

The sun is shining, the weather is warm – how about a day at the beach?

Summer holidays, school is out and the kids need to get outside for some adventure – don’t delay!

Driving past the beach and can’t resist a quick dip?


If you were in a rush to get to the beach and find you have forgotten some vital element of your day out – never fear, just go looking for you nearest ‘Sandbox Beach Shop’. Yes the latest trend in vending machines is designed to make your life easier and to make sure you don’t have a bad day out. In case you have forgotten your towel, sunscreen, sunglasses or even your umbrella, the ‘Sandbox Beach Shop’ is ready and waiting to help you out. If the kids urgently need that floating toy, or goggles to go swimming, just imagine the hours of fun they will have, and the hours of fun that you can relax.


Once again the many different types of Vending Machines can save the day both for customers and suppliers. The idea for the Beach Shop vending machine arose because the original owners of the beach shop were located at only a single location, but to supply all of the potential customers at the beach, the Beach Shop Vending Machines can be located all along the boulevard to satisfy many more beach goers.


4.  Plant Seeds


Get your Seed Bomb here

Get your Seed Bomb here


Source: Greenaid

Do you have the urge to do some gardening or landscaping? Do you find yourself with a touch of spring fever? How about transforming those dull areas into a lovely garden, or improving those green spaces with a show of spring flowers?


What if you could select your preference of garden products from a Vending Machine?


Well you can – this innovation looks just like a gumball machine (can you see the similarities?) but instead of a gumball, the machine dispenses seed bombs! The biodegradable covering helps to provide a germination bed for the mixture of seeds and fertiliser. Once the seeds germinate, the outer covering breaks down and allows full sprouts of flowers and attractive plants to transform any space into delightful garden arrangement. No unhappy customers for this product!


 5.  Cupcake Vending Machine


Yes - this one takes the cake

Yes – this one takes the cake

Source: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Ok – this one takes the cake – predictable joke, but not the Vending Machine!

Apologies for the Dad joke, but we couldn’t help it. A sweet treat on the go! What passer-by wouldn’t be tempted by a selection of fresh cupcakes? Waiting for a bus, or maybe even beside an Automatic Teller Machine, you can grab a treat without having to find the nearest pastry shop or donut stall. This idea seems sure to be a big hit, as you can find one of these cupcake vending machines right next to other different types of vending machines, and if you can get everything you need close to hand, you don’t need to go anywhere else.


Another example of what a good business opportunity it might be to use vending machines as a passive source of income for your business, or as an opportunity to start your own business.


6.   Nail Polish Vending Machines


Get your latest colors!

Get your latest colors!

Source: Nailmatic

Now that’s a good idea! Who thinks up these innovative ideas for different types of Vending Machines?


But whilst this might seem a bit ‘normal’ by comparison with some of the strange products you have seen, this one impressed us as one of the simplest but best ideas. The customer can select from the whole range of colours, whatever occasion, or whatever you need to suit your mood. This vending machine will satisfy any customer, and even having return visitors! Just think of the convenience. With a number of these machines around various targeted locations, the business owner could be doing a fantastic trade.  And why not place along side other similar types of vending machines such as another toiletry vending machine.  The opportunities are endless for different types of vendors looking to invest into a vending machine business.


7.  Medicine


Hmmm - really?

Hmmm – really?

Source: Medbox


Now medicine is probably not what you were expecting to be found in a vending machine!

But why not?


No one wants to fall ill, let alone at night time, when the shops are shut, and the medicine bottle is empty. But sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, and this seems like an ideal way to safely provide access to as range of medicines to people in need.


Safely I hear you ask? Well why not? With the use of technology, you could use fingerprint recognition to make sure the medicines are dispensed in a safe and controlled manner.


The opportunities are pretty much endless if you really want to be inventive!





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